National and International companies are saying yes to Suffolk to meet their warehousing/distribution, logistics or advanced manufacturing needs.

With 10 million square feet of prime warehousing space ready to occupy, and an an additional 20 million square feet planned, Suffolk has room for you to grow. With our prime mid-Atlantic location, proximity to port, road and rail and access to 2/3 of the U.S. population within a day’s drive, a growing number of companies recognize Suffolk as a prime spot to base operations. 

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“Suffolk has available land, and they manage it well.” John Harrell, Chairman/Treasurer Suffolk Iron Works

John Harrell, Chairman/Treasurer Suffolk Iron Works

Industrial Sites

In 2014, the City achieved close to $116 million in capital investments, impacting over 1 million in square footage. These investments are expected to bring around 450 new jobs to Suffolk.

Warehousing/distribution, advanced manufacturing and food and beverage processing (new and expanding) accounted for over half, at 52%, of the total investment dollars for the year.
City of Suffolk Industrial Sites Map

Operating In Suffolk

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